When a form is completed on the Mi-Forms Client, it begins transferring a Session file to the server. This transfer can fail for several reasons, most commonly a loss of connection to the server, which can be a result of an intermittent internet connection at the time of the transfer. If this happens, the session will remain in the _Holding queue until the client completes the transfer. 

Clicking on the Descriptor of the session in the _Holding queue will provide you with the Session History where you can view information about the session, including the user that the session is associated with. 

If the session is stuck there for a long period of time, check the client system used by the last user. 

If the client is Windows, check to see if if Mi-Forms Agent is running. The session may remain in the Outbox. If the Agent is not running, the session may remain in the Local Sessions tab of the Mi-Forms Client.

If the client is Android/iPad, the session may still reside in the Mobile Forms page of the Mi-Forms app. 

Wherever you find the session, check the network connection of the device to ensure it has connectivity to the server. In the case of the Agent, this may be all you need to do. In the other cases, you may need to resubmit the form to Finish. 


If you are absolutely sure you wish to move the session(s) from the _Holding queue, the sql table to edit is 'session' and the field is 'id_queue'. Sessions in the _Holding queue likely have an id_queue of 9. 

An example sql command:

  UPDATE [MFServerDB_Test10].[dbo].[session]

SET id_queue = 5

WHERE id_queue = 9

This will move all _Holding queue sessions (id_queue 9) to the _Finished queue (id_queue 5) for a database name 'MFServerDB_Test10'. 

Before running any sql scripts, please backup your database. Please be sure that the above sql command is your desired action. If you have a test database, please try there first.