General Logging Information

The Mi-Forms Windows Client logs information about its operation. This logging is often useful in resolving problems that may occur in production.

Location of Log

The log file is stored in the Windows users' profile. This means that if multiple Windows users are using the same tablet device, a separate log file will be created for each user. Please keep this in mind when looking at the log files or providing them to support.

The log file is located at the following location:


The highlighted section of the path above is dependent on user. For instance, if the user's Windows login name was "jdoe", this path would be:


Please note that the "AppData" folder is often hidden in default Windows installations. You may need to configure Windows to show hidden folders by configuring folder options as shown below:

Obtaining the log from the Client itself

It is also possible to obtain the client log from within the client itself. To do so, take the following steps:
  1. Hover your mouse or stylus over the bottom bar of the client to bring up the menu bar
  2. Hover over the "Help" menu
  3. Click or tap on the "About" item

You will see a dialog similar to the one below:

Click on the "View Log" button and you will see a dialog similar to the one below:

Clicking the "Copy to Clipboard" button will copy the entire contents of the log to the clipboard. This will make it suitable to paste in an email or another file.

Obtaining Support

Mi-Co support personnel may ask you to send the log file in order to aid with the diagnosis of issues in production environments. If so, please note that some meta information about confidential data may be a part of these logs. Also note that this file may be large, so please consider zipping it prior to sending.