Depending upon the product, licenses may or may not be moved.

Designer and Client licenses can moved if needed. Licenses contain a limited number of seats and may only be installed on machines allowed by seat allowance. Client and Designer licensing may be shared within the same license file.

Server licenses are customized per machine (or virtual machine), with a matching hostname contained in the license contents. The hostname can be found by logging into the server machine, opening the command prompt and typing "hostname" and enter. The hostname will appear. If the hostname doesn't match between the license and the machine, the Server will not process sessions. With Mi-Forms Server v10, all server functionality will be dependent upon a valid license.

Partner licenses (SDK "*" licenses) are to be used exclusively for development by partners where the executable name will vary. Production executables require valid licensing based upon the executable name (please contact sales support to obtain production licenses). Partner SDK "*" licenses must not be used for production purposes.

It is worth noting that each license contains licensing information but also includes a security hash of the contents such that if the contents are altered in any way, the license will become invalid when opened by any of Mi-Corporation's products.