When the Mi-Forms Client attempts to download a template immediately following login, the following error message may pop up:

Server reported an error while listing available template: : Object reference not set to an instance of an object

This might mean that the Customer Name has allowed an entry with incorrect case to partially log in. Normally the client is not allowed to login if the case is incorrect, but in some cases it does. 

To fix this problem:

1. Verify the Customer Name in the exact case defined on the Mi-Forms Server. For example, "Mi-Corporation" as opposed to "mi-corporation"

2. After launching the Mi-Forms Client, select "Network Setup" and Navigate to the "Server Settings" Tab.

3. Verify the case used for the Customer Name matches the exact case previously noted for the server.

Please note, this error affects some older versions of Mi-Forms client. The issue has been fixed in version 10.0 and up.