Recognition Engine

The Mi-Forms Server will attempt to initialize a recognition engine when it tries to process a form. The reason for this is because certain script code may make use of recognition during the form's processing (e.g. delayed recognition of a notes field).

Typical Error

However, if the server cannot initialize the recognition engine, you may see something like this in the server's log:


[12/Apr/2014:18:42:47.399] (27  ) ERROR - [MFSComponentManager] -- Mi-Forms component initialization failed for: [Session Processing Engine] Process Sessions <atlas_1>: 
  Failure: Could not initialize recognition engine.

There are two typical reasons this can occur.

Ink & Handwriting Feature

The Ink & Handwriting feature is not enabled via the operating system's configuration. To resolve this, open the Server Manager, navigate to the features list and enable the feature. You will likely need to reboot the server after making this change.

Recognition Resources Folder

It's possible that the recognizer cannot locate its resource folder properly. To determine if this is the case and to resolve it, take the following steps:

Open your server's web.config file (typically located in c:\inetpub\wwwroote\mfs\) and locate this line:

<!-- Recognition resources directory -->

<add key="reco.resourcedir" value="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Mi-Co\\Mi-Forms Server\\res" />

Ensure that the folder specified exists and that it contains files such as:



If the folder does not exist, edit the web.config setting, save it and then restart the web server service.