Importing Data from Third Party Systems

Mi-Analytics is designed to accept data exported from the Mi-Forms system or any third party system that exports data in a format conformant to the Mi-Forms XML data export standard. This XML format provides field names, field captions, field values, and date of capture of field values.

The XML schema for this format is attached to this article and is also installed in the following location after installing Mi-Analytics:

C:\Program File (x86)\Mi-Corporation\Mi-Analytics\Data Formats\

Sample Data

The data below is an example of a valid XML export encompassing an inspector name, date of inspection, and inspection location. The number of fields included in any given XML file can be arbitrary.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <SESSION FORM_ID="932821" FORM_NAME="Restaurant Inspection" FORM_DESCRIPTION="" APPROVAL_STATE="" CID="" ID="NG00179807_635348992843363850">

    <FIELD NAME="InspectorName" CAPTION="Inspector Name" TIMESTAMP="05/05/2014 15:15:16">Bob Smith</FIELD>

    <FIELD NAME="InspDate" CAPTION="Inspection Date" SUGGESTED_LENGTH="8" TIMESTAMP="05/05/2014 15:15:54" RECO_CONF="0">04/10/14</FIELD>
    <FIELD NAME="Location" CAPTION="Location" TIMESTAMP="05/05/2014 15:15:16">Sierra Creek Bed and Breakfast</FIELD>