Product Technical Support Policy (Updated September 22 2014 )



Mi-Corporation prides itself on providing a high level of service and support to our customers.

This Product Technical Support Policy (“Policy”) describes the software support services we offer to customers who have paid all applicable support fees and are using licensed software in a supported configuration. Customers must be current on their Annual Maintenance, Improvement and Support (AIMS) or term renewal contracts to receive support. Additional details regarding technical support may be found in the Software License Agreement.


This document specifically addresses AIMS/Software Assurance. It does not address solution service support which is handled separately. Solution services support is defined as technical support for customized solutions.


Technical support for licensed software is provided via email to companies with a paid contract. All technical support requests must be submitted via e-mail to E-mail request submission is necessary in order for our support tracking system to properly assign a tracking number so that our support staff can monitor the status of open issues and customers may know the status of their request(s). If our technical support department determines that they cannot sufficiently answer a submitted technical support request through e-mail, one of our support technicians will contact the customer by phone.


Support voicemails are similarly routed via email to the support tracking system, but it is highly recommended to not use this method as detailed information over voice recorded messages is not as effective as email. Support requests are handled in the order they are received.


Technical support requests are answered on a first in, first out policy with one exception. Companies opting to purchase a Premium Support Package will receive first priority with our technical support team. All technical support requests (and all follow-up requests for more information) will be responded to within 1 business day. We make every effort to answer all support requests as soon as they arrive. Response times are subject to request volume and request complexity. In order to provide accurate and timely responses to our customers, we ask that they provide as much information as possible for each issue reported. Please review the guidelines below for more information. Support requests not meeting the guidelines will impact the accuracy and timeliness of the support response.


In addition to our talented support staff, we also provide an online knowledge base. The knowledge base contains common issue resolutions, example forms and code, and other information for users and developers of product solutions offered by Mi-Corporation.


Mi-Corporation Technical Support will provide support for the following:

· Official example forms and code

· Official documentation

· Errors originating from a licensed application

· Possible bugs in the currently supported releases (See Support Lifecycle and End of Life Section)



Mi-Corporation Technical Support will not provide support for the following:

· Explaining the internal functions of the software

· Testing/writing end-user programs for you *

· Code reviews or debugging code *

· Teaching programming in general (including applications and compilers)

· Explaining general .NET concepts and functions

· Configuring Windows Operating Systems (beyond the basic configuration required to run the software).

· Support for solution services which are not covered by a separate SLA contract (including services provided by other vendors or partners).


* - Available through consulting services. Please contact or call 888-621-6232 x5 for more information.

Guidelines to submit technical support questions:


When contacting Mi-Corporation Technical Support, please include as much of the following information:


· Platform, device, Operating System including service pack / updates (e.g. Nexus 7, Android 4.4.3)

· Product(s) and version(s) (e.g. Mi-Forms Client version or Mi-Enterprise Apps Server

· Detailed step by step instruction on how to reproduce the issue.

· Screenshots, log files, etc. are very useful.

· Is the issue isolated to one form, app, one PC, one user?

· If the system was working and then failed, what changed?

· If applicable, the exact text of error message and/or screenshot of error

· If applicable, your observations.

· In some cases, what you are trying to accomplish.

· In some cases, sample code or other files if requested (Mi-Forms Designer files, form templates).

· In some cases, the log file(s) generated by application(s) involved in the issue.

·  If sending data or information, please regard company regulations on sensitive data (e.g. passwords, or patient identification info). If sensitive data needs to be sent, please make prior arrangements with the Mi-Corporation Technical Support staff to ensure the data is handled properly.


The more information you can provide, the better we can serve you



Standard Support Terms as stated in the License Agreement


1.1. Support.  Licensor  will  provide  telephone  support  to  two  (2)  designated  personnel  of  Licensee  (the  “Designated Personnel”) to answer questions regarding:

1.1.1. Access to the Licensed Program, assistance in tailoring the environment to meet the minimum requirements to use the Licensed Program, uploading related graphic and files to the hardware platform, and invocation of any installation programs required by the Licensed Program.

1.1.2. Licensed Program functionality. Licensed Program functionality will include support for the Licensed Program and any embedded software within the Licensed Program unless Support is modified by an Addendum.

1.1.3. Support will be available during Licensor’s normal business hours (8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST), exclusive of weekends  and             Licensor holidays, by the following: e-mail Support: (*Only to Designated Personnel*)

1.2. Product Updates.  Licensee will be able to access product upgrades for the Licensed Program as they become available. New modules and certain new functionality will be available only for an additional fee.

1.3. Documentation. Documentation is provided in the Licensed Program.

1.4. Licensor Support Responsibilities.

1.4.1. Licensor will use its reasonable commercial efforts to provide Licensee with resolutions for problems or errors within the Licensed Program.

1.4.2. Licensor will begin to resolve any product issues within one (1) business day of the time a support request is logged by Licensor during business hours. In the event that a problem cannot be resolved within two (2) business days, the problem will be escalated within Licensor’s organization to a Senior Products Support Engineer for resolution.

1.4.3. Licensee will be informed of the intended problem resolution plan and schedule by Licensor. Licensor will provide updates for the Licensed Program as warranted by product deficiency severity and product enhancement requirements, within the sole discretion of Licensor.

1.4.4. Licensor will not be responsible for support to Licensee’s end users unless specifically directed by Licensee’s Designated Personnel and mutually agreed to by Licensor support staff.

1.5. Licensee Support Responsibilities.

1.5.1. Licensee will use reasonable efforts to support its end users to achieve basic product functionality.

1.5.2. Licensee will require end users to agree upon the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

1.5.3. Licensee will use reasonable efforts to determine if the reported problem originates with the use of the Licensed Program, to duplicate the reported problem, and to assist Licensor in testing fixes or workarounds to the reported problem.

1.5.4. Licensor may, from time to time, send, and Licensee agrees to use reasonable efforts to install, new releases, updates and corrective code.

1.5.5. Licensee will provide Licensor with reasonable information and assistance in connection with the resolution of errors, including VPN or other electronic access to Licensee’s system as reasonably required for error correction purposes.

1.6. Support Fees. For Licensed Programs licensed on a limited term (non-perpetual) basis, unless otherwise set forth in an Addendum, support services will be provided at no additional charge during the license term. For Licensed Programs licensed on a perpetual basis, Licensor agrees to pay in advance the annual support fee specified in an Addendum for each annual support term.





General: The scope of Support Services that we provide for any Licensed Software will depend on where it is in its product life cycle. From the perspective of providing Support Services, we treat a “Major Release” and its related “Service Releases” the same way. Typically, a Major Release will be issued every twelve (12) to eighteen (18) months, depending on the product and its feature enhancement cycle. A Major Release reaches EOL when a new Major Release becomes generally commercially available (“GA”). In addition, in some cases we may decide to discontinue marketing a product, and may announce the date of the End of Life of that product as whole, and commence the End of Life processes for that product. In such case, the following paragraphs will also apply to that product’s Major Release and its related releases that are then generally commercially available. See below for information on the type of Support Services we provide to Licensed Software once it reaches its “End of Life.” We generally provide Support Services for each “Major Release” of Licensed Software for a period of up to years (2) years from the date it first became GA, as described below. Note that we typically continue to allow customers to purchase support for a defined period of time following the date of End of Life for additional fees.


Standard Support: We will initially provide “Standard Support” for all Cases at all Severity Levels for Licensed Software while the Major Release and its related releases are generally commercially available until the date of their EOL. We will then continue to provide Standard Support for all Cases at High Severity Levels for twelve (12) months following EOL. All other Severity Levels will be provided Limited Support. During this time, we will determine when it will be most effective to develop a new Fix, such as cases where there has been data loss, production system down, or significant security vulnerabilities identified, or other significant defects. For other types of Problems, we will typically either provide an existing Fix, or may provide Solution Delivery through a regularly scheduled Minor Release or Maintenance Pack, or we may consider the Problem in developing a future Software Version Upgrade. At the end of this twelve (12) month period, we will stop providing Standard & Limited Support excepting those customers opting for an extended Standard Support package.


Limited Support: At the end of the twelve (12) month period described above, we will cease providing any Standard Support, and we will cease providing any Content Updates. Instead, we will provide “Limited Support” for all Cases at all Severity Levels. Limited Support will end five (5) years from GA of the applicable Major Release.


There are other instances where we may begin to provide Limited Support for a product. As a rule, we will only provide Standard Support Services for a current Major Release of Licensed Software (for example, version 3.0) along with two prior Major Releases (say, versions 1.0 and 2.0). Where a Product is the subject of frequent feature enhancements, a Major Release will move through its End of Life processes rapidly, Therefore, we may need to shorten the timeframe for providing Standard Support for the older versions of those products, and will instead start to provide Limited Support. More specifically, when a new Major Release (in this case, version 4.0) is issued, we will cease providing Standard Support for the oldest version (1.0) and will only provide Limited Support for that version. However, using this example, we will continue providing Standard Support for versions 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0. As noted above, we will continue to provide Limited Support for that oldest version 1.0 until five (5) years from its GA. We will also stop providing Standard Support and switch over to Limited Support where a Major Release has been GA for three (3) years and no further Major Releases have been issued. At the end of that three (3) year period, the Major Release and its related releases will be eligible only for Limited Support. As noted above, we will provide Limited Support until five (5) years from GA of the applicable Major Release.


End of Support Life: At the end of the five (5) year period described above, the Major Release and its related releases will reach their “End of Support Life, (‘EOSL’)” and we will cease providing any Standard Support or Limited Support for those releases. Please note that as a general rule we will offer online self-help support in our Knowledge Base and accompanying documentation for most Licensed Software for a period of up to seven (7) years from the date the Major Release became generally commercially available.


Custom Support: We understand that local laws, market conditions, and support requirements may vary from country to country or by industry sector. Therefore, if Limited Support does not resolve the Problem or if you need support following EOSL, then we will discuss with you what custom support offerings may be available, or whether we can offer any additional customized support options.