Solution Support Policy 

(Updated June 16 2015)



Mi-Corporation prides itself on providing a high level of service and support to our customers.

This Solution Support Policy (“Policy”) describes the software support services we offer to customers who have paid all applicable support fees and are using licensed software in a supported configuration provided by Mi-Corporation (with the configuration provided by Mi-Corporation being referenced as “Solution” below). Customers must be current on their solution support contracts to receive support. Additional details regarding technical support may be found in the Software License Agreement.


This document specifically addresses solution support. It does not address AIMS/Software Assurance support which is handled separately.


The standard solution support policy includes Tier 1 Solution Support defined below. Tier 2 and Tier 3 Solution Support policies are also defined below, and provided at an additional support cost arrangement. Business hours are 8am ET to 8pm ET.


Tier 1 Solution Support


Technical support for Solutions is provided via email to companies with a paid solution support contract. All technical support requests must be submitted via e-mail to E-mail request submission is necessary in order for our support tracking system to properly assign a tracking number so that our support staff can monitor the status of open issues and customers may know the status of their request(s). If our technical support department determines that they cannot sufficiently answer a submitted technical support request through e-mail, one of our support technicians will contact the customer by phone.

Support voicemails are similarly routed via email to the support tracking system, but direct support emails are encouraged for communication effectiveness of issue details. Support requests are handled in the order they are received.

Solution support requests are answered on a first in, first out policy. All solution support requests (and all follow-up requests for more information) will be responded to within 1 business day. We make every effort to answer all support requests as soon as they arrive. Response times are subject to request volume and request complexity. In order to provide accurate and timely responses to our customers, we ask that they provide as much information as possible for each issue reported. Please review the guidelines below for more information. Support requests not meeting the guidelines will impact the accuracy and timeliness of the support response.

In addition to our talented support staff, we also provide an online knowledge base. The knowledge base contains common issue resolutions, example forms and code, and other information for users and developers of product solutions offered by Mi-Corporation.

Tier 1 Solution Support requests will be billed at a Tier 1 Level.

Tier 2 Solution Support

Support email requests with the keyword “URGENT” in the subject of the email will be handled as a Tier 2 Solution Support request. Support email requests that require support during non-business hours or require urgent “within 4 hour” responses will also be handled as Tier 2 Solution Support requests.

For Tier 2 Solution Support requests, a support technician will respond within 4 business hours of the request. The Tier 2 Solution Support request will be granted top priority above all other solution and product support requests.

Tier 2 Solution Support requests will be billed at a Tier 2 Level.


Tier 3 Solution Support

A customized arrangement of support procedures negotiated on a per-customer / solution basis may be arranged. Please contact Mi-Corporation Sales for more information, or call 888-621-6232 x5 for more information




Standard Product SLA


Tier I


Tier II


Tier III

Support provided by knowledgeable, friendly support staff via email





1 business day response time



4 business hours response time



Product support (bug fixes, upgrades)


Solution support




Mi-Corporation Technical Support will provide product support for the following:

•Official example forms and code

•Official documentation

•Errors originating from a licensed application

•Possible bugs in the currently supported releases

Mi-Corporation Technical Support will provide solution support for the following*:

•Official solution documentation

•Errors originating from a solution application

•Possible bugs in the currently supported solution

•Providing explanations on the internal functions of the software

•Development of end-user programs related to the solution

•Providing code reviews or debugging solution code

•Explaining general programming concepts and functions

•Providing environment configuration assistance for the solution

•Support for solutions that integrate with other 3rd party products

•Support for modifying or altering exported data after a solution has been deployed to a production environment


* - Mi-Corporation Technical Support will provide solution support and assistance with these items. Support will billed at the Tier I, Tier II, or Tier III levels defined above. However in some scenarios, custom consulting services may provide better information. Please contact or call 888-621-6232 x5 for more information.


Mi-Corporation Technical Support will not provide solution support for the following:

•Support for solutions that are not configured within the supported environment(s).

•Support for solutions that are altered, modified or changed by the customer or other parties.

Guidelines to submit solution support questions:


When contacting Mi-Corporation Technical Support, please include as much of the following information as possible:


· Solution name

· Platform, device, Operating System including service pack / updates (e.g. Nexus 7, Android 4.4.3)

· Product(s) and version(s) (e.g. Mi-Forms Client version or Mi-Enterprise Apps Server

· Detailed step by step instructions on how to reproduce the issue.

· Screenshots, log files, etc. are very useful.

· Is the issue isolated to one form, app, one PC, one user?

· If the system was working and then failed, what changed?

· If applicable, the exact text of error message and/or screenshot of error

· If applicable, your observations.

· In some cases, what you are trying to accomplish.

· In some cases, sample code or other files if requested (Mi-Forms Designer files, form templates).

· In some cases, the log file(s) generated by application(s) involved in the issue.

· In some cases, the log file(s) generated by the solution implementation involved in the issue.

· If sending data or information, please regard company regulations on sensitive data (e.g. passwords, or patient identification info). If sensitive data needs to be sent, please make prior arrangements with the Mi-Corporation Technical Support staff to ensure the data is handled properly.


The more information you can provide, the better we can serve you.