When using the Mi-Forms Designer to create DataPaths in the form properties is too restrictive for your needs, you can create custom DataPath exports using the .NET script editor. There are examples of this in use in the examples that are installed with Mi-Forms Designer, as well as some in our online knowledgebase.

One problem that often surprises users is that when creating custom DataPaths, you must reference in the correct dll.

For most DataPaths attach this reference to the form:


Also, in the Script Editor add this near the top with the Imports statements:


Imports MiCo.MiForms.DataPaths


This dll handles the most common DataPaths such as CSV, PDF, and ODBC. The is another dll that you can use if you wish to have handle Outlook exports: MiCo.MiForms.DatapathExportModule.OutlookUtils.dll

All of these files can be found in your setup's eqivalent to the following folder:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Mi-Co\Mi-Forms Designer\