If your Mi-Forms Client on Windows is reporting an expired or soon-to-expire license, obtain a renewed license file (contact your IT or other staff member responsible for product licensing arrangements with Mi-Corporation). License files are of file type ".xml". The content of the file CANNOT be altered otherwise they will be invalidated when opened by the Client.

There are a number of methods for updating the Client license:

1. Client License Update While the Client is open, use the menu "Help", "About" and select "Update License". Use the File Open dialog to find and open your client license file. the importing process will indicate the results of importing your license.

2. Server License Updater Use the License update feature from the Mi-Enterprise Apps & Mi-Forms Server. If you are using a Server, log into a customer account as an administrator. Click "Admin" and "Licences". Check "Automatically update client licenses" and select a license file to upload. When the Client (or Agent) syncs with the Server, the renewed license will be deployed.

3. Direct License Folder Access If direct access to the license location is required, licenses are stored in %programdata%\Mi-Co\Licenses. When the Client is opened, it will automatically determine the best license to use from the available license files.

More Info:

Licenses may or may not contain combined licensing information between the Client and the Designer. So if the Client fails to import a license, be sure it isn't specified for the Designer only. Client/Designer type license files cannot be combined with a server license file. 

Rebranded products require their own special license files - ensure the correct license file is obtained.