Sometimes you may want to change the color used to indicate which item in a checkbox group has been selected.  It is possible to change the color of this "highlight" ink to be something other than the default blue color.


It turns out that the color can be adjusted with a single line of VB.NET script code:


_Component.CheckboxHighlightColor = System.Drawing.Color.Red



The line of code above will adjust the "selected" color ink for checkbox items to be Red.  A good place to put this would be in your Form AfterOpen event.


Be sure to note that this is a property that is configured at the level of the Component object.  This means that it will apply across all checkboxes contained in your form; it is not adjustable at the level of individual checkbox controls.


This is another example of the flexibility provided by Mi-Forms to allow you to custom-tailor your forms to meet your specific needs.