When the standard settings for some of the components do not have the look you desire on your iPad or Android tablet you can add further customization.

The following examples show how to access several properties of a form on the device. The 'text fields' below refer to InkEdit fields. When you select the properties as below it will modify the look of all fields in the form to suit. Others are available as well, and to see them you can open the form in your web browser and use the HTML element inspector features to get the names and class types of the fields.


// Triggered when the form is opened
function MFAfterOpen() {
	// set UX styling where necessary
	$('.form_textarea_inkedit').css('padding', '5px');			// multiline text field
	$('.form_input_inkedit').css('padding', '8px');				// single line text field
	$('.svg_text_textbox').css({'fill':'#444444', 'font-size':'72pt'});	// CText field
	$('.svg_line1_checkbox').css('stroke', '#1E5B90');			// cross on a filled checkbox
	$('.svg_line2_checkbox').css('stroke', '#1E5B90');			// cross on a filled checkbox


Show resulting fields here:

Explain how to find these properties and experiment here: