If you are familiar with using Windows Form controls, you may be familiar with how to manipulate DataGridViews. When using a Mi-Forms Grid object, you will need to access these methods, but the method is not quite as direct.Instead, you can access Properties of the grid. In the case of a column, you can access its visibility property like so:


Dim colProp As GridColumnProperty = _Grid.Properties.GetColumnProperty("Column Name")
colProp.Visible = False
_Grid.Properties.SetColumnProperty("Follow-up #", colProp)


Here we are declaring a GridColumnProperty, setting the Visible property to false, and sending that change to the _Grid object. You can actually access many properties of a column in this way, and make changes to BackgroundColor, header font properties, and more like these:


colProp.HeaderFontItalic = True
colProp.HeaderFontBold = True		
colProp.HeaderTextColor = System.Drawing.Color.DarkSalmon
colProp.BackgroundColor = System.Drawing.Color.Aqua
colProp.HeaderFontSize = 12.0