To reduce process cycle time for a support case, we have created the following template. This template provides us with the most critical bits of information to address most issues that arise when using Mi-Corporation products, saves time, and importantly will get you a solution faster.

Product/Area: Choose a product that you have question about. There are current 5 major product categories to select from, and specific parts of these products that may be included. 

Mi-Enterprise Apps

Hybrid App
Native App


Android Client
iPad Client
Print on Demand
Windows Client

Mobile Inspection Software

Stored Procedures

Query Managemeent Module

Web Portal

Server Hosting

Self hosting
Mi-Co hosting

Customer ID

Software Version:

Specific version of the products (e.g. Mi-Forms Windows Client

Error Messages:

A screen capture of error message

Mi-Forms Server Error logs: C:\mfs\Logs\mfs.txt & C:\mfs\Logs\nhibernate.txt (This location may vary for a custom setup)

Mi-Forms Windows Client logs: 

Symptoms/Replicate Process:

Provide information that can help us replicate the problem. This can be sample script, a form, or other relevant information about the how the error appears.