If you have Adobe Acrobat Pro installed, the Mi-Forms Designer will let you export your forms to PDF files that you can use as blank, fillable PDF documents.  They can be used directly as PDF documents or you can work with them from within your form script to dynamically create populated PDF output documents after data has been collected on your form.


The export option to generate the PDFs should be found in the following menu location in the Mi-Forms Designer: File->Export->Acrobat Form (PDF).


However, if you have installed Acrobat Pro after the Mi-Forms Designer application was installed, that choice may not be included in the available Export selections.  There are two possible approaches for getting the PDF option included in the list.


In order to give the Designer a chance to pick up the presence of Acrobat Pro, you can take the following steps:

1) Ensure that the Mi-Forms Designer is closed.

2) Use regedit to remove the following registry key: HKCU\Software\Mi-Co\Mi-Forms\Designer\AcrobatPrinter

3) Restart the Mi-Forms Designer application. 

4) Check the Export menu to see if the Acrobat Form choice is now in the list.


If the choice is not in the list, then you can manually enter a value for the registry key.


1) Ensure that the Mi-Forms Designer is closed.

2) Use regedit to add in the AcrobatPrinter key and give it a value that matches the name of the Acrobat printer that is installed on your system.  This is typically "Adobe PDF".  When updated, your registry entry should look like the following:



3) Open the Mi-Forms Designer again and the Acrobat Form choice should now be available in the Export menu choices.