If you are creating a form solution that includes Mi-Enterprise Middleware, you will need to upload your form templates to the server after you have created them.  The form templates can be uploaded from within the Mi-Enterprise Middleware portal.  The steps to follow for this process are documented within the Mi-Enterprise Middleware Guide.


However, on occasion, a user may see an error such as the following when attempting to upload a form to the Mi-Enterprise Middleware portal:


Error uploading new template: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.


In most cases, there is a simple fix to this error: Ensure that the file being selected to upload to Mi-Enterprise Middleware is the new form Template file and not the Designer file.  When browsing for the file to upload to the server, it is easy to accidentally select the Designer (.MFD) file instead of the Template (.MFT) file to upload.  If the Designer file is selected, the Mi-Enterprise Middleware portal page will display an error when the upload is completed. 


If you think that the Designer file had been uploaded instead of the Template file, simply perform the upload again with the Template file selected and everything should once again work as expected.