In one of the articles I have showed how to use log4net to log form history. In this article, I will show you a built-in function that you can accomplish the same thing. RecordExportResult is a built-in function that you can call within VB.NET scripting. Below are some details:

[Visual Basic]
Public Overloads Sub RecordExportResult( _
ByVal strID As String, _
ByVal bSuccess As Boolean, _
ByVal strShortDesc As String, _
ByVal strLongDesc As String, _
ByVal strResultMessage As String _


A unique ID for the custom export
Indicates whether the export was a success or not
A short description for the export (suitable for display in a list)
A long description for the export.
Diagnostic output from the export (error messages, success confirmations, etc)

If you assign bSuccess equal True, the session will be routed to _Finished queue in the server. Otherwise the session will be routed to _Error queue.

Below is an example:

VB.NET Scripting:

Export Results: