Mi-Forms Session files are generated by Session datapaths and have an extension of .MFS. They are XML format files that contain both the form template and all user input. They may or may not contain the form images. This is a forms design choice. Images are not required in the Session file if the form template is present on the system opening the MFS. If you intend to open the MFS on systems that may or may not have the form template installed, you must include the images in the Session file. This will enable anyone with the Mi-Forms Client or Mi-Forms Session Viewer to load the MFS file.

These files, much like form templates can be imported into the Mi-Forms Client in several ways.

Method #1

  1. Double-click the MFS file.
  2. Mi-Forms will launch and the session will load.
Method #2

  1. With the Mi-Forms Client open, go to File and select Open.
  2. Switch to the Session tab in the Open dialog.
  3. In the lower-left corner of the Open dialog, click Import Session.
  4. Browse to the desired Session and click OK.
  5. The imported session will be displayed in the sessions list.
You can also import sessions from the command-line.

Method #3

  1. From a command prompt type mi-forms.exe /import_session:<fully qualified filename>
  2. You will get an alert if the import failed.
  3. You can add a /silent switch after the filename to suppress the alert.