Before you connect to a Mi-Forms Server, you will need to get the following information from your Mi-Forms Server administrator:

  • Hostname – this can be an IP address or server name
  • Customer Name/ID
  • Proxy settings – not normally required
  • Mi-Forms Server username and password
  1. With the Mi-Forms Client open, go to the Tools menu and select Network Setup.
  2. Select the Use Server checkbox.
  3. Enter the Hostname
  4. Only change the Ports if directed to do so by your administrator.
  5. Change the Customer Name.
  6. Proxy settings are normally not required. This is NOT your Mi-Forms Server username and password.
  7. Click OK.
  8. If the Client successfully contacts the Server, you will be prompted that the current user will be logged out.
  9. In the Mi-Forms Login screen, click New User and OK.
  10. Enter your Mi-Forms Server username and password.
  11. Choose an icon and click OK.
  12. The Client will attempt to verify your credentials with the Mi-Forms Server. If you get an error stating "The username or password could not be authenticated with the server,” make sure you typed in the credentials correctly, or contact your administrator for help.