The main purpose of Mi-Forms Print on Demand is to allow digital pen forms to be pre-populated or pre-filled with database information and new writing on a pre-filled form correctly associated with that information.

Here are the high-level steps to create a Mi-Forms Print on Demand solution:

  • Create a POD enabled form in the Mi-Forms Designer and upload to the Mi-Forms Server.
  • Upload 1 or more unique shelves of pattern to the Mi-Forms Server.
  • Create a POD printing application using our POD SDK to do the following:
  1. Request pattern from the Mi-Forms Server.
  2. Apply pattern to a form.
  3. Collect and store pre-fill information (optional).
  4. Generate and sync PAD files or obtain the Master PAD Utility from Mi-Co.
  5. Generate and print PostScript files.

If you have the Mi-Forms POD SDK, you already have several sample POD applications available for review under C:\Program Files\Mi-Co\Mi-Forms POD SDK X.Y\Examples