Field Changes
  1. Replace all InkEdit fields with Freeform fields (optionally checking the Auto-Recognize option for each)
  2. Replace Picklists with a single choice Checkbox Groups
  3. You should remove the ImageAnnotation or use it only after the Mi-Forms session has been created in the Mi-Forms Client from the data collected on the form. ImageAnnotations cannot be used on a digital pen paper form.
  4. You should consider changing the form elements to Anoto safe colors. While some printers can handle the color separation and print the form properly, we have seen many issues with printing forms containing black. The underlying reason is the pen “sees” the pattern printed on the form because it is printed in pure carbon black. If you have other black elements on the page, the pen may not be able to properly read the underlying pattern. Below is the official statement from Anoto:

When using the Anoto pen nothing on the form except the pattern is allowed to be printed in black. When creating the output files this is automatically performed by the design tool if using the correct printer profile. It might however be that the printer replaces some of the colors with a small amount of black and therefore confuses the pen.