SQL Server Storage Requirements

The SQL Server requirements for Mi-Enterprise Middleware depend upon the volume of sessions you anticipate handling. However, in general Mi-Enterprise Middleware does not use a lot of SQL data file space (e.g. a database with 1 customer and 2500 sessions takes 8.4mb in a data file while the log file takes 1mb). 

SQL Server vs. SQL Server Express 

Depending upon the version, SQL Express is adequate for non-production non-high volume environments. SQL Express has limits on data file sizes (4gb, or 10gb for 2008R2+), and limited to single cpu operations. In more demanding environments, we recommend SQL Server 2014, 2012 or 2008R2.

Session Data Storage

Mi-Enterprise Middleware does not store session data in the database (with the exception of a session’s “descriptor”). Most of the items in the database are for tracking users, groups, queues, form templates and revisions, sessions and their state, etc. The actual session data are stored as encrypted files to disk – depending upon the contents of each session, these can start to take up disk space.