After installing the Mi-Forms App from an app store ( Apple iTunes Store or Google Play store, etc), start the app.

• Select “I am an existing Mi-Forms customer and want to configure Mi-Forms on my iPhone/iPad/Android.”

• If you select “I am new to Mi-Forms…” – you will be directed to a demo of the App hosted on one of our demo servers.

•On the configuration screen, the settings are similar to configuring a Mi-Forms Client on Windows:

•Hostname: [the hostname of your Mi-Forms Server]

•Port: [80 is the default]

•Use SSL: [unchecked is the default]

•URL Prefix: [MFS is the default]

•Customer Name: [Customer name]

•Username: [a username]

•Password: [user's password]

•Tap “Confirm Credentials…” 

Once the App is configured, it will skip the Intro page and either go to the configuration screen – asking for a password and display the Menu page of forms and sessions.