On filling the form and docking the pen, data is not aligned on the resulting template as per the flow of the form but rather the first page is left blank and data (responses given) for page one incorrectly appears on page two, page two goes to page three three… and so on.


In Mi-Forms Designer, on the Anoto configuration tab (File, Form Properties, Anoto), click on the Anoto pattern range that you are using, make sure the beginning pattern matches the Page 1 beginning pattern that you have printed.

For instance, the first pattern is which corresponds to Page 1 (Instance 1)

  • = Page 2 (Instance 1)
  • = Page 3 (Instance 1)
  • = Page 4 (Instance 1)


It could be that your “Beginning Pattern” above is correct in that it starts with x.x.x.0 however your actual printed patterns might be associating

  • x.x.x.1 with Page 1
  • x.x.x.2 with Page 2, etc… 

as your Page 1 ink is showing up on page 2.

If this is the case, there are two methods to resolve:

  • Fix the printing so that prints start page 1 with x.x.x.0 instead of x.x.x.1. 
  • If the printing has already been completed in mass quantities, you should be able to adjust the Anoto settings for the form to start with x.x.x.1 and use that to create a new MFT.