This depends on whether it is a local docking or a POD (Print on Demand) solution. 

Local docking Solution

In local docking, the ink is processed from the pen and a Mi-Forms session is created. The session is loaded in the Mi-Forms Client in a mode we call Data Review. In Data Review, the user can correct recognition errors, data entry errors, and make any other necessary data edits. 

POD (Print on Demand) Solution

For POD, the method of correction depends on the implementation. You could route the session created on the Server back to a local Mi-Forms Client for Data Review or use the Server’s web forms interface to edit the data.

During Digital Pen data collection

The end user can make corrections on the paper form in ink by writing over one value with the correct value (e.g. I write JOEL in a text field and meant to write JOHN. I can write over the “EL” with “HN” on the paper form and the correction will come through properly in the Client, assuming the handwriting recognition is accurate).