Text Fields are powerful designer tools to ensure that data entered into a form is the format as needed. To highlight this behavior, we refer to them as "Constrained Text Fields", or simply "CText". Constraining the input on a CText is achieved through the Fields Properties dialog in the Designer. This dialog is immediately presented to the designer view when a new field is created. It can also be accessed by right clicking on top of the field in the either the Drawing Canvas or Field List.

in the Fields Properties box, there should be a Layout tab. In the Layout tab there is a place to specify the text field's template. The template is where we specify exactly what type and length of data we need from our user. The Designer Training guide and Designer Help (F1) provide additional information about how to use the template.

Templates can get tricky if you need symbols at the start or ending of field. For example, specifying " at the beginning and end of the field via the field properties dialog will throw an exception at runtime. It is suggested that to handle such use cases in scripting. In such use case, there could be a specific implementation in the field's AfterLostFocus event handler that appends an " to the value and stores it in another variable.

Attached is a sample form that explores various templates. As always, contact our support for additional help or questions.