When the Mi-Forms Client is used as a standalone Windows application, we do not allow users to delete form templates. This is primarily to prevent accidental deletion of necessary forms. If a form is no longer in use, we recommend using the Hide feature for form templates. In the Form Template list, simply right-click on the form and select Hide. If at any point you need to return the form to active use, check the “Show Hidden Form Templates” box in the Open dialog, right-click on the form you wish to return to active use and select Unhide.

If you are using the Mi-Forms Client in conjunction with a Mi-Forms Server, the server administrator controls user access to forms. While the user can still hide the forms, they may also be completely removed from the user’s system by changing form permissions on the Mi-Forms Server.

Changing form permissions on the Mi-Forms Server:

  • Log in as a user with admin rights. 
  • Click either the Users or Groups link (this will depend on your particular Mi-Forms Server configuration). 
  • Click the user or group you wish to change. 
  • Under Forms–>Granted, select or deselect the desired forms. 
  • Click Save.