The Mi-Forms Client does not have spellchecking as you find in word processing applications like Microsoft Word. There is a tool available with in the Mi-Forms Designer called Lexica that provides a form of word comparison checking. Lexica enable the forms designer to provide a word list of possible values for a particular field. The data entered is compared to the list of possible values and Mi-Forms make a confidence-based guess and enters that value in the field. For example, if you have a word list of employee names like JOHN, TIM, JIM, STEVEN, MARY, CHRIS, DONNA. When you write STEVE in the field, the lexica will compare the entered data to the word list and force the value to STEVEN because that is the closest match between the data entered and the word list.

The Mi-Forms Designer has Spell Checking options available for text entry areas like plain text, rich text, and field captions.