When a datapath fails, the form session is encrypted and saved locally on the system. If no datapaths were successful, the session will be available in the Sessions list found in the Open dialog of the Mi-Forms Client. If your form had multiple datapaths and one or more were successful, the session will show as Partially Exported in the Sessions list.

Datapaths can fail for a variety of reasons – no network connection, path not available, poor datapath design, incorrect permissions to write to specified directory, just to name a few. The failed datapath message will indicate the cause of failure.

Once the cause of the failure is fixed, you will need to finish the session again by using Finish Multiple Sessions form the File menu of the Mi-Forms Client or by opening the Session and hitting Finish again. If the Session is marked as Partially Exported, you will not be able to open the session so Finish Multiple Sessions is your only choice.