Before exporting a form in Mi-Forms Designer, you are required to enter a Descriptor in the General Form Properties.

Form Properties: Descriptor

This descriptor will be displayed in the session listings on the Mi-Forms Server. The descriptor should be constructed so that the session can be easily identified by relevant information.

The Descriptor must reference at least one field in the form by including the field name in brackets, [Field_Name]. The fields can be combined with text to create distinctive and recognizable descriptions.

For example:

                     Patient Visit: [LastName], [FirstName] ([Date])

could produce a session description on the server of:

                     Patient Visit: Smith, Mary 5/10/2015

The decision of which fields to include should be based on considering what information is specific to any particular session. For example, including location information would be helpful if sessions could occur at a variety of locations, but would not be helpful if you only have one location.

Providing relevant and clear Descriptors will make it much easier to retrieve specific session information from the server when it is needed.