If you would ever like to limit the number of characters (not including carriage returns) in an InkEdit field here is an example of a method that will check the count of characters in the field and cut the string depending on the maximum count set globally.


Private Sub charCounter(ByVal field As Mico.Miforms.InkEdit)
	'remove carriage returns	
	Dim tempString As String = field.Value.Replace(vbCr, "").Replace(vbLf,"")		
	field.Value = tempString

	'stop after max length reached
	If field.Value.Length > MAX_CHAR Then
		Dim i As Integer = field.Value.Length - 1
		field.Value = field.Value.Substring(0,i)		
	End If
End Sub


If you would prefer to include carriage returns in the character count, simply edit the line that removes them.