The Mi-Forms Windows client had the ability to create subforms and create multiple instances of a subform from a parent form and pass data between the two. However, on Mi-Apps, instead of subforms, we recommend a technique called Page Reuse in the same use cases as subforms.

To illustrate the basic idea behind Page Reuse, see the attached example Mi-Apps .mfd file. The example file reuses the section Page 2 by doing the following:

  1. Hides the section Page 2
  2. Has a hotspot on Page 1 and Page 3 that leads to Page 2
  3. Before Page 2 is shown, the fields on Page 2 are cleared
  4. Once on Page 2, the user can enter values into 'Edit Name' and 'Edit Comments'
  5. After entering values, the user can click 'Enter Data' — this will pass the entered data back to the page which the user came from. So if the user came from Page 1, then Page 1's labels will update.
  6. The user can then tap the hotspot Back to Page 1, or the hotspot Back to Page 3
  7. The user will see the labels Name and Comments have been updated on the appropriate section from what was entered on Page 2