The Mi-Enterprise Middleware Server places several files in the c:\windows\temp directory when uploading and finishing sessions for Mi-Apps and Mi-Forms. We have noticed that at times these files can accumulate which may lead to errors. Typical errors we have seen related to this issue are:

  • Receiving an error message that indicates a session cannot be uploaded because the server cannot locate the template.
  • Error messages stating either “file exists” or “cannot save session xml” upon uploading or finishing sessions.

If you are receiving these errors, please investigate the windows temp folder and see if it has a large accumulation of files. You can have a maximum of 65525 files in the c:\Windows\Temp folder. If you delete some of these manually and the error messages cease, it is likely that this is the issue. The short-term solution is to schedule a job that cleans out this folder every so often. Long term, it is recommended to upgrade to the latest version of Mi-Enterprise Middleware Server which contains improvements to manage temporary files in this folder.