Once you finished your form, it would be great to have a report for your form in PDF format. Fortunately, NGD designer offers this functionality. To illustrate how to achieve this purpose, we will use a sample form as example.

  Suppose you want to have a PDF report for the following form:

 First click on "Reports" tab on top of the NGD Designer, which will bring you to the following page:

Before you go further, you should first have a PDF template dedicated to hold the information of your form. You could simply write a Word document for this and use the built-in functionality to transform the template from Word document to PDF format. Once you have that pdf file on your machine, click on the "or select a file from your computer" link:

A dialog window will pop up, letting you choose the PDF file you want to upload onto the NGD designer. After you select the file, click on "Open" at the right-bottom corner, you should be able to see the preview of your pdf file on NGD designer:

On the left side of this page, you should be able to see all the form fields existing in the form design. The only thing you need to do is drag all the fields to their corresponding positions on the PDF file:

On the right side of this page, adjust the size, font and alignment of the field that will populate into the PDF:

Magnify or shrink the view of the PDF by clicking on the magnifier at the top-right corner of the PDF view. Note that this is very helpful if you want to adjust the granularity of position changing for the fields(e.g. checkbox field):

After placing the fields, the report should look like this:

You are almost done by this time. The last thing to do is make sure you will receive the populated PDF report once you complete your form on Mi-Apps. To do this, go to the Results tab in NGD designer:

Click on "Add more" button at the last row and take a look at the new content appearing at the bottom:

You should be familiar with the interface because it's almost the same as that you use to send an e-mail. You can type in the e-mail account which the report will be sent to, CC, subject and message:

NGD designer also let you dynamically generate the e-mail information according to the fields you filled out in the form. To do this, you could type in the field Id enclosed by square brackets so that NGD designer will replace it with the actual content in that field when sending the e-mail:

Don't forget to attach the report:

Finally, save the form and you are done. Now you can test this form on Mi-App to see if you can receive the report: