Mi-Apps supports the ability to capture barcodes via the Barcode field. 

As of v12.6 Mi-Apps also has the ability to generate a barcode from a text value. This barcode can then be displayed in a Logo field. There are two steps to accomplish this. 

Step 1: Generate the barcode symbol image

Use the createBarcode JS API. For example:

var barcodeData = _form.createBarcode({bcid: "code128", text: "12345678"});

where bcid is a supported barcode type by the API and text is the value to encode. Barcode types are listed on the following site: https://github.com/metafloor/bwip-js

The barcodeData variable is a base64 encoding of the barcode image data. 

Step 2: Set the image into a Logo field

Put the barcode image into a Logo field by using the imageAddContent JS API. For example:

_form.imageAddContent("LogoImage", {imageContent: barcodeData});

where "LogoImage" is the Logo field name and barcodeData is the base64 image data from Step 1. 

When the above 2 steps are completed, the barcode image data is displayed in the LogoImage field, as displayed below. 

Step 3: Further customization

Note that there are other optional parameters you may wish to pass into the generation function including the barcode's height, width, padding, rotation, text, and scale.

For example, the following code produces a barcode with text shown within the barcode image:

var barcodeData = _form.createBarcode({bcid: "code128", text: "12345678", includetext: true});

As shown below: